Freeport LNG Marks Three Years of
Liquefaction Project Construction


As Freeport LNG marks the third anniversary of construction start, work is well advancing on both primary sites—the liquefaction (LQF) and pretreatment facilities (PTF).


Major Accomplishments

The EPC contractor’s major accomplishments include the setting of the main cryogenic heat exchangers for all three trains and installing the GE motor-driven refrigeration compressors for train 1 and train 2. Storage tank 3 is also approaching completion. Last October, the infrastructure platform was raised to the top of the tank, and plans are to close up the tank in the next couple of months. The project is also positioned well for the procurement of spare parts—on the order of $100 million worth—needed to run the facilities once in operation.


Freeport LNG has installed pipeline interconnects between the PTF and the LQF sites and completed the expansion of the marine basin and turned it over to the EPC contractor to construct the top works. Also well advanced, and expected to complete this year, is the NGL storage and trucking facility that is designed to move natural gas liquids recovered at the PTF to storage tanks from which they will be transferred to tanker trucks and moved to area markets.


There are several other smaller construction projects underway to upgrade Freeport LNG's underground storage facility and the Stratton Ridge gas metering station. Repairs have been made to the vacuum-insulated lines connecting LNG storage with dock 1 and fresh perlite insulation has been added to the walls of the two operating LNG storage tanks.



Setting One of the Three Main Cryogenic Heat Exchangers Installing the GE Motor-Driven Refrigeration Compressors

Moving Toward Operational Readiness

Planning for operational readiness is well advanced. Personnel have been hired for the first two trains of operations. These individuals have undergone classroom training at Freeport LNG's new training center and field training on site. Three groups of personnel were also sent to Indonesia for three weeks of training each at the PT Badak liquefaction facility in Indonesia. At corporate headquarters in Houston, the IT, accounting, procurement and commercial departments have been busy working on the systems needed to support operations when the new facilities are ready for commissioning and start-up.


Training Group Visits the PT Badak Gas Liquefaction Facility in Indonesia



"Now that we've come out of the hurricane season and we're into this nice fall and even winter weather on the Gulf Coast, we really expect construction to pick up. Again, we have 7,000 employees or contractors on site. And our focus is going to be on piping, getting pipe up in the racks, and then electrical, running the cables, hanging instruments, starting to do loop checking, and start getting ready for commissioning and start-up." - Mark Mallett Senior Vice President of Operations and Projects

Mark Mallett—Focusing on the Future


Safety is the Top Priority

Freeport LNG continues to focus heavily on the safety of its employees and construction workers. The project, which now employs over 7,000 workers on site, is averaging more than one million exposure hours a month. To date, the project has gone over 20 million exposure hours without major incident and its safety performance is about two thirds better than what the industry average would be.


The project is about 70% complete on all three trains but just under 50% complete in terms of the construction. The LQF or PTF construction sites were not materially impacted by Harvey.  The EPC contractor’s off-site lay-down yard and a pipe fabrication yard experienced flooding following the storm, and Freeport LNG is working very closely with our EPC contractor to come up with the most efficient and effective way to get back on schedule so that the three trains can come on line between Q4 2018 and Q3 2019.